Burial of our Sister Rachel Goode – Worcester 19 December 2019

About Rachel Goode (1962 to 2019)


Rachel was one of six children (the others being Jenny, Julie, Mark, and twins Carrie and Nick) of Ted and Ursula Standing, a humble but pious and evangelical family from Tunbridge Wells, Kent; South-east of London. Ted was initially a farmer and later a council worker who was taken to be with the Lord when only 54. Ursula was taken in 2005.

Rachel’s character can be deduced from the burial – a happy radiant lover of the Lord Jesus, who was always ready to testify of her faith. Although we were acquainted with her earlier, we came to know her well later. She worked in the office of the local bus company, Maidstone and District.  Her boss, Chris Goode was a sincere believer and organist at St Mark’s Church in Gillingham, Kent (evangelical CofE). Chris was concerned about the unscriptural trends in the church and discussed these with Rachel. Chris began attending meetings in Gillingham in the gathering where my wife and I attended  and we sought to encourage him. In the end he stayed with the church.

Fast forward seven years. Chris had moved to Worcester and had set up a bus touring business. He also came into Christian fellowship in a gathering linked with us in Gillingham and Rachel and Tunbridge Wells. Unsurprisingly they formed a link and were united in marriage in 1991. The household was a bulwark in Worcester, remaining faithful, carrying things despite a lot of local difficulties. They had two children, Charles and Bronwyn (Bronnie), now in their 20’s, both as committed to the Lord and devoted to His service as their parents. Following the difficulties in Worcester they have met with Christians in Malvern since 2017.

In 2016 Rachel developed cancer and despite three courses of chemotherapy was taken to be with the Lord on 26 November 2019.

On her last day Charles wrote:

It’s been an extremely difficult day- we feel very numb, very raw. I have been with Mum and she is very sleepy and not really ‘with it’. It’s so heart breaking to see her like that and going downhill so quickly. She had bad pain, so they gave her liquid morphine. The nurse said that she hasn’t got long to live. The only comfort is that Mum has been through so much- chemotherapy, blood tests, scans etc- that she may soon be out of suffering. Rachel means ‘lamb’ and as a ‘ewe, she bore’ suffering in a gentle uncomplaining way- a faithful and true follower of the Lamb of God. Yet we rest in hope that our Lord may come BEFORE then and take us ALL to be with Himself forevermore. Amen, come Lord Jesus!

Earlier in the day Bronnie had written: . I saw the Consultant with Mum and there’s nothing more they can do. A doctor said mum is the best patient he had ever had. She’s safe in those arms of Jesus

She was taken to be with the Lord about 11pm that evening.


Rachel Goode’s Burial

Regarding the Burial on 19 December 2019, Charles Goode wrote (edited to make it less personal):


We thought that the saints would be interested in a few notes about my dear mother’s burial. In the same way that she demonstrated remarkable faith and trust throughout her lifetime – a ‘triumph of faith’ as John Turner called it – the Lord really came in with the burial, far above what we could have asked or thought. As one brother observed, it was remarkable how the personality and character of Mum was so clearly reflected in her burial. In her case, it was a strong faith and the way she radiated the love of Jesus to all that she met. A remarkable number of people (approximately 230 in all) attended the burial – including relatives, neighbours, colleagues, and friends.

The meeting itself began by Chris Goode speaking briefly about how the love of Jesus radiated out from my mother and, as the Centre of her life, it was our desire for Him to be at the Centre of the burial meeting.

* Chris Goode (Malvern) gave out of her favourite hymns – 291 (Hymns from the 1961 version of the Little Flock Hymnbook – published by the Dunbar Trust – accessible online) ‘Lo! He comes, from heaven descending’ – to the very rousing tune ‘Cwm Rhondda’ (the tune to ‘Guide me oh Thou great Redeemer’) and it was a very uplifting start to the meeting. 291 was also sung at their wedding meeting back in 1991.

* Jimmy Gray (Tunbridge Wells) then gave out 375 – ‘Lord, though Thy saints be laid to rest’

* Daniel Roberts (Gillingham – editor of ‘Today if ye will hear His Voice’) then prayed making reference to the challenges and suffering which Chris and Rachel had experienced in their life and also that the Lord’s Name would be proclaimed in the meeting.


In terms of the words, three brothers spoke quite quickly one after the other including:

John Turner (Malvern) – The Triumph of Faith- Luke 8:46-48; Mark 11: 22; Hebrews 11:1-6

The vital importance of faith. Faith to believe in God, faith to reach out the Lord Jesus as Saviour and faith to sustain the believer in their pathway here. Rachel’s life was a life of faith and the Lord was gracious sparing her for nearly three years after she was diagnosed and was very poorly with cancer.

John Hutson (Bromley) – Let Your Light Shine Before Men- Matthew 5:14-16; John 8:12

Our brother had known Rachel all his life and from a young age her love and testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ shone out – this was because she followed the Light of the world. But how about us – are we going to hide our lights under bushels?


Ben Bodman (Keynsham,Bristol) – Caring with Genuine Feeling How the Saints Get On– John 19: 25&26; Philippians 2:20

Mum was one who was always concerned about others and thought more of others than of herself, including asking others how they were rather than focusing on herself. She learned this from the wonderful care that the Lord Jesus Himself has shown – caring for us so much that He died for us and considered for His mother even on the cross. But how about us – are we now going to show that care and genuine feeling for one another?

After these touching words, which so clearly reflected Rachel’s life, we then had 4 hymns – she always loved singing.

* Grahame Smith (Bromley) gave out 85 (There is rest for the weary soul)

* David Crozier (Warrenpoint) 345 (O Lord, do Thou our souls inspire)

* Martin Richards (Malvern) 165 (‘Tis not far off – the hour)

* Charles Goode (Malvern) gave out 262 (Great God of wonders! all Thy ways) (another hymn that the Goode’s had at their wedding meeting).

Committal at the Cemetery

There were about 200 in the cemetery although it was very wet and muddy and time was limited.
Charles Goode gave out just verses 1 and 5 of 213 (‘In hope we lift our wishful, longing eyes’). The singing was incredible. He then read Luke 23:39-43. He firstly said a few words of thanks for all the happy memories that we had had with his mother, and for everyone who cared so well for her, especially the medics, Bronnie and the Standing sisters. 2 Samuel 12: 22,23 was quoted to thank everyone for their prayers, pleading with the Lord to heal his dear mother. However they were to know the meaning the Lord’s words to the thief ‘today with Me in paradise’. The family loved Rachel but the Lord loved her more, and she was now enjoying unending bliss.

Charles then brought in the Gospel by saying that his mother’s place in paradise was not because she was a good person but because Jesus died for her sins at Calvary. She, like the dying thief and us all, was a sinner but that the gospel very simply involves acknowledging that each one of us has sinned, and are sinners, but we recognise the perfection of our Saviour Jesus. Charles closed by saying that the thief had a future view of Jesus as the King but that the Lord had something in mind for the thief that day. Jesus is available as a Saviour of all today, and the greatest blessing which could arise from her death would be for someone to put their faith and trust in Him.

Chris Goode then read Psalm 23 and spoke of Rachel’s life. She had always trusted the Lord as her Shepherd – ‘Jesus led me all the way’. He also brought in the wonderful hope that we have in the rapture (1 Thessalonians 4). His committal prayer was very powerful, tender and moving despite the terrible weather.

After Chris had committed his wife’s body to the Lord, Charles said that we (who remain) need hope for today so we sang the hymn that his grandfather (Ted Standing) sung on the day He was taken, aged 54, in 1979: ‘How good is God we adore’ (23).

Charles Goode’s Final Comments

We miss Mum so, so much and are absolutely broken-hearted. We were all very close to Mum – she was so calm, placid and patient! Her kindness and care radiated to all. Yet in the midst of the darkness of death, in the midst of crushing sorrow and deep desolation, the great comfort is that our Lord Jesus “bringeth out into light the shadow of death” (Job 12:22) and thanks be to God: “Where, O death, [is] thy sting? where, O death, thy victory?” (1 Corinthians 15:55). Our prayer is ‘in life, in death, O Lord abide with me’. A neighbour, said that the great comfort to him when his Mum died suddenly years was: “And He shall wipe away every tear from their eyes; and death shall not exist any more, nor grief, nor cry, nor distress shall exist any more, for the former things have passed away” (Revelation 21:4). Amen, Lord be it soon!

Charles Goode, (slightly edited)
Worcester, January 2020

Address Chelmsford by William Guindi – 18 January 2020 – Christ Needed for Every Situation

Ecclesiastes 9:13-18

The poor wise man who delivered the city – Like Jesus the Deliverer, and he is forgotten.  Think of how He did it – Alone He bore the cross.  

Exodus 15:22-26

The bitter waters of Marah (still the same word in Arabic).  They needed wood – the humanity of Jesus.

2 Kings 4:38-44

Jesus talked a lot about food.  Here we have death in the pot – cured by Christ (meal).  Result food to eat. 


Preaching Bromley Stuart Bodman – 1 December 2019 – The Miraculous Birth of Jesus and His Miraculous Death

Luke 2:6-14
And it came to pass, while they were there, the days of her giving birth to her child were fulfilled, and she brought forth her first-born son, and wrapped him up in swaddling-clothes and laid him in the manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

And there were shepherds in that country abiding without, and keeping watch by night over their flock. And lo, an angel of the Lord was there by them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they feared with great fear. And the angel said to them, Fear not, for behold, I announce to you glad tidings of great joy, which shall be to all the people; for to-day a Saviour has been born to you in David’s city, who is Christ the Lord. And this is the sign to you: ye shall find a babe wrapped in swaddling-clothes, and lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host, praising God and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good pleasure in men.

Luke 23:13-25, 44-46

And Pilate, having called together the chief priests and the rulers and the people, said to them, Ye have brought to me this man as turning away the people to rebellion, and behold, I, having examined him before you, have found nothing criminal in this man as to the things of which ye accuse him; nor Herod either, for I remitted you to him, and behold, nothing worthy of death is done by him.  Having chastised him therefore, I will release him.  ( Now he was obliged to release one for them at the feast.)

But they cried out in a mass saying, Away with this man and release Barabbas to us; who was one who, for a certain tumult which had taken place in the city, and for murder, had been cast into prison. Pilate therefore, desirous to release Jesus, again addressed them. But they cried out in reply saying, Crucify, crucify him.  And he said the third time to them, What evil then has this man done? I have found no cause of death in him: I will chastise him therefore and release him. But they were urgent with loud voices, begging that he might be crucified. And their voices and those of the chief priests prevailed. And Pilate adjudged that what they begged should take place. And he released him who, for tumult and murder, had been cast into prison, whom they begged for, and Jesus he delivered up to their will. . .

And it was about the sixth hour, and there came darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour. And the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple rent in the midst. And Jesus, having cried with a loud voice, said, Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit. And having said this, he expired.

Fellowship Meeting Keynsham 16 September 2019 Peter Mutton


Fellowship Meeting Reading – Peter Mutton

Keynsham (Bristol)

John 10:7-11,

Psalm 23 (whole Psalm)

Having life abundantly – the Shepherd

Apologies for poor quality audio

Ruth 1:1-11,14-22


Fellowship Meeting Knaresborough 9 November 2019

A local exercise was to have a two readings on the subject of prayer:

Reading 1 – Why we pray: Paul Burton

Reading 2 – How we pray: Ben Bodman



First reading suggested by Paul Burton – Why we Pray

Gen 18 whole chapter

We are told to pray about 20 times in scripture. It is an integral part of the believers life. We need to see what the point of Prayer is. If God knows everything why do we need to pray?
1. We pray because God wants our company
2. We pray because others need our prayers
3. We pray because we have needs ourselves
Abraham was a friend of God: God had pleasure in the relationship and delighted in telling him what He planned. We can share our Joys, sorrows and secrets with God. We should start a day by asking God what we should do. Thereby we get to know what God is like. We call God our Father. He is greater than our natural father.



Second Reading suggested by Ben Bodman. How we pray.

Luke 11:1-4

This is commonly called the Lord’s prayer. It could not be (forive us our trespasses) . John 17 is really the Lord’s prayer.

Relationship: Our Father
Reverence: hallowed be thy name
Reliance: give us our daily bread
Repentance: forgive us our sins
Release: we forgive others. Showing grace
Answers. “Yes”. – “No” – “Not yet”


Preaching Knaresborough 10 November 2019 James Shearer

Luke 14:16-24
Matt 11”25-30
John 7:27-29
Rom 2:4

The simple message – come – There is a great celebration and God wants your company.



Brothers taking part in the readings included:

Bruce Batchelor Knaresborough
Paul Batchelor Knaresborough
Andy Bodman Dorking
Ben Bodman Keynsham
Ed Bodman Dorking
Stuart Bodman Dorking
John Brady Laceby
Chris English Cambuslang
Reg Flowerdew Camberley
Conrad Fry Cambuslang
Jimmy Gray Tunbridge Wells
Ken Hollands Lytham St Annes
Paul Hutson Grimsby
Jim Macfarlane Blairgowrie
Tom Munro Cambuslang
Peter Mutton Walton on Naze
Keith Pye East Wemyss
Martin Richards Malvern
Daniel Roberts Gillingham
James Shearer Aberdeen
Adrian Smith Knaresborough
Grahame Smith Bromley
Brian White Islip

Fellowship Meeting Stawell Australia David Crozier 12 October 2019


My wife and I were privileged to be at a fellowship meeting in Stawell Australia in October 2019.

As many will know Australia has suffered much through the activities of unspiritual persons in an area so much affected by the ‘Exclusive System’ now known as the PBCC.  Paul said to the Ephesian elders ‘I know this, that there will come in amongst you after my departure grievous wolves, not sparing the flock; and from among your own selves shall rise up men speaking perverted things to draw away the disciples after them‘ (Acts 20:29-30).

There were about 25 present, and I know that some overcame much to be there.  This account has been published as much for the prayers of all concerned as for the content.

Reading – Joy in Luke 15 – the Shepherd, the Woman and the Father’s House

Luke 15 (whole chapter)

Address – Divine Resources

2 Kings 4:1-7 – the woman with the pot of oil (the Holy Spirit)

Luke 10:29-36 – the Samaritan – oil, wine and two denarii

2 Cor 12:15 – what God had given Paul, who was prepared to spend and be utterly spent

Lord’s Day Reading – The Glory of God seen

Ex 3:1-6  – A great sight – the bush not burnt

John 1:14-18 – The Word dwelling among us

2 Cor 3:17-18, 4:5-7 – We all looking on the glory of the Lord: collective


Preaching Phil Gasston – A Work has been completed; God has been glorified, and we are indelibly registered

John 17:4

Rom 8:31-32

Heb 12:23 (middle)

Brothers taking part included:

Peter Alexander Dorking, England
Ken Clark Stawell Vic
Brian Cox Moe Vic
David Crozier (Sr) Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland
Phil Gasston Auckland, New Zealand
Ross Grace Melbourne Vic
Fayez Nour Sydney NSW
Terry Pert Ballarat Vic
Daniel Roberts Gillingham, England
Graham Sutherland Stawell Vic


Fellowship Meeting Malvern Stuart Bodman 13 July 2019

Reading – The Lord Jesus as Head

Colossians 1:18

Colossians 2:18-19

Colossians 3:12-13

Ephesians 4:4 ‘ There is one body’


Address – God’s Delight in Obedience and Attention

1 Samuel 15:22

Psalm 6:6

Seven…to be Maintained in a Day of Reduction – Martin Cook – Tunbridge Wells – August 2017


Issue No 1

Martin Cook – Word in a meeting for prophetic ministry, Tunbridge Wells, 17 August 2017

Numbers 29:1, 12-14, 32-36 Mark 8:6-9 Revelation 1:10-16, 20.

I desire, with the Lord’s help to say a little as to seven months, seven bullocks, seven loaves, seven baskets, seven lamps, seven stars, seven assemblies and seven overcomers. The thought of seven brings before us what is perfect, and what is maintained. I believe that at the moment there is so much that would cause us to be downhearted and discouraged. However, when we see things from the divine side, we see that things are being maintained.


The Seventh Month

The seventh month was the climax of the Jewish year. It was a time of blessing for God’s people, when the ingathering took place. It was also the time of sounding of the trumpets. This time can be likened to the period which commenced 185 years ago when beloved Mr Darby left the church. The trumpets sounded, and God spoke in a clear and distinctive way. ‘Wherefore come out from the midst of them, and be separate’ (2 Cor 6:17 KJV). Persons who were faithful to Christ stood aside from the professing church, and received unique and precious teaching – the truth of Christ and the assembly, the Head in heaven and the body here. What flowed was the enjoyment of eternal life and the understanding of the truth of the local assembly. One and another continued to minister in the first half of the 1900’s, opening up the truth of the sonship of Christ, the service of God and the worship to the Holy Spirit. It was truly a time of rich blessing amongst the people of God. God spoke clearly, many were affected, numerous localities were formed, and it was a time of great increase and blessing.

But in more recent years, we have seen reduction. This is what we have in Numbers 29. What started with thirteen bullocks, gradually reduced, but it never got to less than seven. I think that this is the point we have reached now. Let us lay hold of the fact, beloved brethren that some form of what is collective and honouring to the heart of Christ will remain until the end of the dispensation. I trust I shall be identified with it. As I said earlier, we never have less than seven bullocks. The supper is maintained: ‘For as often as ye shall eat this bread, and drink the cup, ye announce the death of the Lord, until he come’ (1 Cor 11:26). God is pleased in that which speaks to Him of Christ. He will not suffer the enemy to triumph.


Seven Loaves and Seven Baskets

I move on to the seven loaves and seven baskets. The seven loaves speak of the all-sufficiency of Christ to maintain what is pleasing to Himself in the scene of His rejection. What struck me was that after all had eaten and had been sufficed, there were seven baskets remaining. These were not hand baskets: the bible dictionary describes them as hampers. I think Mr Coates said it would probably have taken two or three people to carry them[*]. The Lord said in Matthew, ‘For where two or three are gathered together unto my name, there am I in the midst of them’(Matt 18:20). It struck me that where two or three are prepared to carry the basket, there is provision to carry on. After that great period of blessing amongst the Lord’s people of which we have spoken, things can be maintained. We could say that there is a hamper for every local assembly in Revelation. The Lord says that for each locality where His people are found, there will be the ability to continue: the overcomer will be found.


Seven Assemblies

When you look at the seven assemblies, you say that you find admixture: not all is as it should be, but, thank God, the thought of seven assemblies goes through to the end. The Lord told John to bear testimony to ‘the things that are’ (Rev 1:19): the present circumstances, and how the Lord views them. He is walking in the midst of the seven golden lamps. Whatever the state of the church may be publicly, it continues to be a golden lamp from the divine viewpoint. The Lord knows what the state of each soul is in every gathering. Those eyes as a flame of fire take account of us. He wants us to be like one of the seven stars in His right hand.

The principle of overcoming goes through to the end. There is an overcomer in every local assembly – hopefully more than one. Indeed, there are enough overcomers to carry the basket, and maintain what is due to the Lord. The overcomers are feeding on Christ; they are feeding on the richness of what has been given in the ingathering. Let us thank God for the ministry that we have been given: we would have been so impoverished without it. We were reading in Haggai yesterday, ‘The word that I covenanted with you when ye came out of Egypt, and my Spirit, remain among you: fear ye not’ (Hag 2:5). Think of what is available to maintain that which is available for the pleasure of Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, even in a day of reduction. Let us be found beloved, where the Lord has set us, seeking to carry what has been committed to us (typified in the basket), feeding on what is of Christ, and knowing that, as we seek to do so, He holds us in His right hand. He will maintain us for His pleasure till He comes.

May the Lord bless the word for His Name’s sake.



[*]An Outline of Mark’s Gospel (CAC Vol 9) p 81

Note: Quotations from scripture are, unless otherwise indicated, from the Darby Translation 1890

Edited by: Daniel Roberts, Strood, Kent (daniel@adayofsmallthings.com)

Revised by Martin Cook and checked by others,
January 2018

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