Fellowship Meeting – Bromley – Robert White – November 2018

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Fellowship Meeting Address –  Bromley – Robert White – 10 November 2018

Ancient Men, Ancient landmarks and the Ancient of Days

181110v5 RFW Address Bromley Robert White

Ezra 3 Ancient men
Prov 32 Ancient landmarks
Dan 7 The Ancient of Days
Christianity is it about what is new. Typically ancient people don’t like change. We have to be prepared from what is new even if it is not as impressive.
Landmarks- Jacob had Bethel. We have had them in our lives and in the testimony . The ancient of days God knows every day- Jesus was here once, He is coming again and nothing is out the control in the divine calendar.


Fellowship Meeting Warrenpoint Jeff Oberg May 2019

Fellowship Meeting Reading – Warrenpoint – Jeff Oberg – 4 May 2019

The Goodness and Kindness of God

Rom 2:3-4. The goodness of God leads thee to repentance
Rom, 11:16-36 Goodness of God
Titus 3:4-15 Kindness and love to man
Jeremiah 24:1-7 Good figs

God’s goodness – we are here because of it.
Kindness in Titus same word
The unbeliever is to see the goodness of God in us evidence of His mercy – I don’t deserve it
Joy follows repentance
Prayer meeting should be deeper – it would help as to where we are going. Can we hear the marching in the mulberry trees? Not boots on the ground!

Fellowship Meeting Address – Warrenpoint – Jeff Oberg – 4 May 2019

Behold I do a New Thing

Isaiah 43:19 Behold I do a new thing
Proverbs 29:18 Without a vision my people cast off restraint (or perish
Isaiah 10:27 A remnant will return
Then for the scope Isaiah 43:1-44:10

God says that He will do ‘a new thing’ and nobody is going to hinder Him – The question is: Am I ready for that?. It is easy to say what is wrong, but can we be with the Lord in what He is doing?

In Isaiah 43 – we are redeemed, liberated under the power of attraction – that is not casting off restraint – His yoke. We cannot be sure about what is before us, but God has His plans. There may be things which we will need to review, to be serviceable to the Master.

Lord’s Day Reading – Warrenpoint – Jeff Oberg – 5 May 2019

Being Conscious of the Lord’s Presence

Matthew 18:20 two or three gather together in my name I am in the midst
John 20:19-21 Old stood in the midst
Acts 3:19 Times of refreshing from the presence of the lord
2 Chronicles 5:11-14 The glory filled the house of Jehovah
2 Corinthians 3:17-18 Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.

We are to be conscious of the divine presence. We can deduce from these scriptures that the Lord desires to come to us – we are to be conscious of that – not a technicality, and not linked to any position.
What we can enjoy where we are is because of mercy – by invitation.

Preaching – Warrenpoint – Jeff Oberg – 5 May 2019


Leviticus 25:8-9 The trumpet on the day of atonement
Joshua 6:1-7,20 The trumpet sounding and the walls falling
1 Corinthians 15:51-58 The trumpet will sound
The trumpet announces a year of freedom and joy – the jubilee.
Are you waiting for the last trumpet?

Preaching – Tunbridge Wells – Jeff Oberg – 12 May 2019

We Change; He Changes Not

Mal 3:1 I Jehovah change not
John 9:1-12, 24-38 – Being blind [before], now I see
1 Cor 15:51-53 – We shall be changed.
2 Peter 3:10-14 – We wait for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwells righteousness.

God does not change – We change – we need to be prepared for it: blindness to sight – glory to glory – and to be changed finally.